Antique pillar dating

Measuring: 38 ¼” x 10” Ref: 2507 Traditional 8” dial mahogany wheel barometer with hygrometer and level plate inscribed ‘L Poncia of Gloucester’ with architectural pediment surmounted with brass finial, main dial, adjusting key beneath, long spirit filled thermometer, inlaid shells on either side & black & white strung case in good medium mahogany colour.

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The whole folds down to carry within the three legs of the tripod.

There is a thermometer inlaid into the stem (replaced) The whole has undergone skilled restoration.

Generally restored and in good order throughout, with replacement mercury filled tube.

The case cleaned and re-polished to enhance the wood but maintain some age to the sides. J Borelli estimated to be working at this address 1835 – 55, reference ‘Barometer Makers & Retailers 1660-1900’ by Edwin Banfield.

Measuring: 38” x 9 ¾” Ref: 2561 A large mahogany wheel barometer with broad black & stringing to edge, swan neck pediment, twin pateraes (replaced), brass pineapple finial (replaced), hygrometer (replaced), long spirit filled thermometer, 10” silvered dial with interesting fretted hand, scales re-silvered, with replacement mercury tube, setting knob & level ring, level plate inscribed ‘J Silva, Plymouth’.

J Silve, 9 East Street, Plymouth estimated to be working from 1820-40, reference ‘Barometer Makers & Retailers 1660-1900’ by Edwin Banfield.ANTIQUE BAROMETERS MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETERS STICK AND FORTIN BAROMETERS ROUND ANEROIDS BANJO ANEROID BAROMETERS BAROGRAPHS POCKET ANEROID BAROMETERS / ALTIMETERS / DESK BAROMETERS AND ODD ITEMS Ref 1500 A flame veneered mahogany wheel barometer with swan neck pediment circa 1840, a replacement old boxed long thermometer with convex glass with spirit filled tube. 40” x 9 7/8” Ref: 1552 A traditional mahogany veneered mercury wheel barometer with black & white strung edges with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, short thermometer with spirit filled tube, convex mirror, readed frame, 8” dial, level plate inscribed ‘Warranted Correct’.The 8 inch dial with well engraved centre star motif, a setting knob below and a level plate inset at the base. Hygrometer, level plate, bone setting knob, mirror and frame replaced and replacement mercury filled tube. The case in original polish showing some signs of age in a rich mahogany colour, slight age cracking to top and much tapping below setting knob, c1850 and measuring: 10” x 38” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options Ref: 2228 A simple Georgian mahogany wheel barometer with black & white stringing and one oval urn inlay to case, broken architectural pediment, long spirit filled thermometer, dial engraved ‘Lione & Somalvico, 14 Brook Street, Holborn, London’, replacement finial & tube, c1811 measuring: 38 ¾” x 10” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options Ref: 2262 A mahogany veneered black & white strung mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, mercury filled thermometer, convex mirror and beaded frame, 8” dial, and level plate inscribed ‘Warranted Correct’.C1825 Measuring: 42 ½” x 12 ½”£ [top] Ref: 0899 A medium brown oak cased Admiral Fitz Roy barometer with fleur de leys decorative carved top to case, paper scales faded to a mellow brown colour with a pear drop shaped thermometer., engraved ivory scale Ramsey, Dundee, replacement mercury filled tube, atmospheric scale and twin indicators and setting knobs.C1890Measuring: 45 ¾” x 9 ¼” Ref 1851 SPECIAL MOUNTAIN BAROMETER An extremely rare mahogany cased mountain mercury barometer by Thomas Rubergall of Coventry Street LONDON circa 1820.This barometer is quite likely is just prior to 1847.

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